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Real-Time Chatroom In NodeJS With Source Code

Project: Real-time Chatroom in Nodejs with source code The real-time chatroom is developed using Nodejs, angularjs, bootstrap, express, jQuery, AdminLTE, and lightbox. Talking about its features, the user can simply add their nicknames, select an avatar and start a conversation in the chatroom. All the chatting is in the real-time as it provides chat messaging… Read More »

Simple Stock System In PHP With Source Code

Project: Simple Stock System In PHP -To download the simple stock system project for free(Scroll Down) The Simple stock system is a PHP project that helps you to keep track about the stock market. This system is developed using PHP, CSS, bootstrap, and JavaScript. Talking about the project, it contains only the user side. From there, he/she… Read More »

Simple Advertisement Manager In PHP With Source Code

Project: Simple Advertisement Manager in PHP -To download simple advertisement manager project for free(Scroll Down) About Project Simple advertisement manager project is developed using PHP, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Talking about the project, it has all the essential features required for the management advertisements of a website. This project contains only the admin’s side where… Read More »

Online Bus Reservation System In PHP With Source Code

Project: Online Bus Reservation System – To download Online Bus Reservation system project for free (scroll down) Features: Easy Ticket reservations Admin panel Add/Edit route Seat inventory [metaslider id=8430] Here, User can easily reserve tickets online by selecting Route with Bus types. Reserved tickets can be printed through the system. From Admin login, he/she can… Read More »

Public Chat Room In PHP With Source Code

Project: Simple Public Chat Room – To download Public Chat Room Project for free (scroll down) Features: Login/Register System Public Chatroom View User profile and edit [metaslider id=7920] Here, User has to login/sign up to access the system then, the User has access to a public chatroom and he/she can start conversations. User’s profile can be… Read More »

Student Management System (v.1.1) In PHP With Source Code

Project: Student Management System ver.1.1.0 – To download it for free (scroll down) Features: Sign in – Sign up Admin panel Add/View Students, Units, Courses, Attendance Records, Marks, Academic Year Membership management Add Groups Edit Anonymous Permissions Add Members View Data record Database Backups Import CSV file to the database Batch Transfer of ownership In… Read More »