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Student Management System (v.1.1) In PHP With Source Code

Project: Student Management System ver.1.1.0

– To download it for free (scroll down)


  1. Sign in – Sign up
  2. Admin panel
  3. Add/View Students, Units, Courses, Attendance Records, Marks, Academic Year
  4. Membership management
  5. Add Groups
  6. Edit Anonymous Permissions
  7. Add Members
  8. View Data record
  9. Database Backups
  10. Import CSV file to the database
  11. Batch Transfer of ownership

In this project, there are two types of login. i.e Admin and User. After Logging in as a user, he/she can View students, units, courses, attendance records, marks and academic year. Admin has full control of the system, admin can view/add students, units, course, academic year and maintain student’s attendance records. And also from the admin settings, he/she can view current groups and add new groups, members as well as edit anonymous permissions. All the data records can also be viewed from the admin’s setting and some other features are view/rebuild fields, import a CSV file to database and batch transfer of the ownership. The system can also create file backups for further purposes. The design of this project is pretty simple and the user won’t find it difficult to understand, use and navigate.

How To Run?

You’ll need XAMP Server or WAMP Server. Put the file inside “c:/wamp/www/” or “c:/xampp/htdocs/”. Go To “localhost/phpmyadmin” in any browser and create Database (name according to SQL file).In that Database, Import the SQL file and finally go to URL: “http://localhost/file_name/phpfilename
Don’t Forget To create a database and import SQL file to run.

Project Demo:


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  1. kavita Reply


    SQL query:

    /*!40101 SET NAMES utf8mb4 */;

    MySQL said: Documentation
    #1115 – Unknown character set: ‘utf8mb4’

    vn i open in php admin after creating table so how can i solve it?

    • Naseeb Bajracharya Reply

      replace /*!40101 SET NAMES utf8mb4 */; to /*!40101 SET NAMES utf8 */;
      or try running the project using PHP ver 5.6.3! it works perfectly on PHP v.5.6.3

  2. Gouse Reply

    Can you give me a report on it

  3. shadab ahmad Reply

    Please send me Source code of this project on [email protected]

    • Naseeb Bajracharya Reply

      the source code is available on our site.
      there’s a captcha and a Green Download Button below the h2 text “Download Student Management System in . . . .”
      In order to download, you have to pass through captcha verification then only it will allow you to download the project files!

  4. alka Reply

    thanks a lot

  5. rolly Reply

    what is ronald admin password?

  6. sushwanth Reply

    can you send the document of STUDENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM using PHP

  7. ASP Reply

    Hello! How to display only the details of particular student while login based on $_SESSION[‘username’]? Means if a student logs in only the marks and attends of that student must be shown ?

  8. strongcode Reply

    plz anyone know how to solve this :—–Query:
    select count(1) from `Marks`

  9. Mohammad Reply

    I completely follow your method. but i can’t open this file. what should I do to run this file?

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