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Simple Quiz Application In Java With Source Code

Project: Simple Quiz Application

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Simple quiz application is a java project for organizing the school programs with ease. This project is made using NetBeans IDE and Java programming language. This project includes several other files like FXML documents and also the database file. Furthermore, this project uses JavaFX and scene builder to decorate the UI for more interactive and user-friendly. The scene builder is used for the drag and drop utility for the JavaFX material design. The project is quite easy to use and implement.

This project is simply designed for the educational purposes. That is, the project will provide the better efficiency to control over the traditional Q&A method which is obviously time-consuming. The project is separated into two parts one as an Admin and the other as students. As an Admin or teacher, you can modify the questions. The teacher has the full access to the system so that he/she can take control of the system for better questions set up. But as a student, you just have to tick the question for the answers. The teacher can set up the questions and he/she has to provide four objective answers. Then after that, the teacher has to provide the answer in a separate section for the checking the answer by the system.

To use the system as the Student you can register to the system simply by adding the username and password. And then use the same username and password to log in to the system. After that, you have to answer the provided questions one by one. When the question section is finished, you will get your result. The score will be in the percentage.

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features of the project

  • Add Questions
  • Delete Questions

Please read the “login credentials ” for the system password


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  1. shiva Reply

    thanks !! can i have telephone billing system java code ?? I really need it .i have been trying for it but i dint got anything !!seeing this website i got the hope !! please give me telephone billing system project !! : )

  2. shiva Reply

    quize vala program me lib error hai !!how to solve it and also showing API restriction !!

  3. Wesley Reply

    Sir can i have the process flow of this project.

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    How can i get the source code its nothing show when click the button?
    please help me.

    • Fabian Ros Reply

      there’s a blue download button you have to click that in order to download

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    Did you have a video for this project?

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    Sir how to deploy this in netbeans

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    Hello good day can you help me in creating a program like this .. can you upload a tutorial of this ..

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    please how me enter in admin room

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