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Scientific Calculator Application In Android With Source Code

Project: Scientific calculator application in android

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Scientific calculator application is an Android project built in Android Studio. As you know by the name of the project it functions fully as similar to a normal calculator. Here you can perform all of your calculation with ease. This whole project is designed using Android Studio. Java programming language is used for field validations. Gradle’s and wrappers are used for assigning the SDK’s and other runtimes platforms. This project also can be implemented in different gadgets like the mobile phones and the watch gears.

About the System

Gradle provides flexibility to compile and run the android app. In Android Studio, Gradle is a custom build tool used to build android packages (apk files) by managing dependencies and providing custom build logic. Whenever you run this project make your internet connection alive because you need to have your plugins installed. If you want to edit the source code then you have to open the Gradle files and you can make some of the minor changes in the project. If you want to change the project you can simply do it from the java folder that contains the whole code of the project. This project will let you boost your coding skill.

This whole project is developed in Android studio. Here java programming language is used for the field validation and also XML language for the transferring of data. This project keeps asking you about the plugins update so keep your internet alive. And moreover, you will need to update your SDK version and also you have to update your instant run plugins.

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Features of this project

  • performs the scientific calculations
  • can change the unit of the degree’s like DRG
  • can perform the computer unit conversion


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