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Travel Guide Application In Android With Source Code

Project: Travel Guide Application In Android

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Travel guide application is an Android project. It allows the user to navigate through the city and know some important places to roam around. To run the project you will need Android Studio. So before you run the project make sure that you have Android Studio on your computer.

About the project

This whole project helps the user as a guide to travel around in a new city. In order to get to the application, you have to first sign up and then have to login to the system. From thereafter, you can select the places to visit. Once you click the desired city, it will automatically display the famous sites to visit in that area. Also, you can go shopping with the help of this application.

In order to run the project, first, install Android Studio. Then import the project from the studio’s homepage. Your project set up will automatically start. All the Gradle build files will automatically install inside your project root directory. Run the project and set up your virtual device and run the emulator. The project will start and there you can see different lists and options from this commerce site. Here, in this project, you can select different types of products like clothes, car, mobiles, music and much more items. Then from those options, you can select any type of product you want to buy.

Be Alert

This whole project is developed in Android studio. Here java programming language is used for the field validation and also XML language for the transferring of data. This project keeps asking you about the plugins update so keep your internet alive. And moreover, you will need to update your SDK version and also you have to update your instant run plugins.

Project Demo:


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  1. [email protected] Reply

    The project had no sdk

  2. spin ghar Reply

    Can we use this application for commercial use i mean upload it play console???

  3. salman Reply

    Hi, This project is free to develop? can I modify this project and upload it to the play store?

  4. Muhammad Naveed Reply

    can you please tell me how can I connect this project with database??
    help me as soon as possible, I’m using this project for my final term university project

  5. Kunal Varma Reply

    Can u provide document for travel guide in android studio …

  6. Kunal Varma Reply

    When I sign up the problem aries what should I do now sir
    Any information related to it

  7. talal anjum Reply


    • Varun Reply

      I have the same issue too. Please let me know if you have a solution asap

  8. shweta ingle Reply

    When I sign up the problem aries what should I do now sir
    Any information related to it.
    only 2 pages are run login and register page
    there is any information about database

  9. shweta Reply

    same problem plz help

  10. sharvari walde Reply

    when i import in android it shows so many errors like nullpointer, gradle even i upgrade , then also same error. without running. what should i do? does anyone knows??

  11. Itachi Uchiha Reply

    the project is not working . we cannot sign up it shows the code. Please fix this

  12. Nithyashree BS Reply

    We cannot sign up it shows the code.what do we need to do……..pls help me…..

  13. shubham Reply

    how to connect with database

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