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Vehicle Service Using Django With Source Code

Project: Vehicle Service Using Django With Source Code

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The vehicle service system is a multi-user web-based application. It is developed using Django framework and python’s built-in database i.e. sqlite3. Here, the administrator has complete authority over all customer and mechanics requests and can determine whether or not they can be granted.

About the system

Vehicle Service is an online vehicle maintenance service with three users having their own roles and permissions.

What the system does?

The system gives authorization in the admin side to approve or reject the request sent by both customers and mechanic technicians. It is the work of admin to decide the salary for the technician. Also, when the customer asks for repairing of their vehicle admin assign mechanics to them. Admin can also view the feedback sent by the customer. Similarly, in the customer side, he/she can request for vehicle maintenance. And in the mechanic side, he/she can apply for a new job. Also, he/she has to complete the task as given by admin. Also, mark that task as completed.


  1. Python
  2. Django
  3. pip

How To run the project?

Firstly, extract the folder. Then, go to that directory using cd command.

Another step is to install the dependencies using pip.

Finally, run the command. python runserver and you will get the desired output.


If stuck or need help customizing this project as per your need, just comment down below and we will do our best to answer your question ASAP.

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