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Tower Platformer Game In JavaScript with Source Code

Project: Tower Platformer Game In JavaScript

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This popular is now available in HTML version. Now this game is available in high graphics game. This whole game uses javascript and their corresponding libraries. Jquery script is also in this project. To run it use VS Code since it supports good live server.


To run this game you can use VS Code editor for good liver server support. Download and open this project in your code editor. Then there is an index.html file. Run that file in live server. Use Google Chrome or FireFox for better user experience. Once you open the game, you can see the home screen with game menus in it. You can select the game mode you want to play. You cannot customize the gameplay settings according to your preferences in this game as it comes with its default settings.

This is a simple platformer game. Here you have to just jump over the towers and collect the coins. The more coin you collect, the better score you get. You have to use your space bar to jump and left and right arrows for the movement. You have to be careful with the enemies. When you touch the enemy, you will be sent down to the bottom again and have to restart the game again. For shortcuts, you can use the ladder to climb and get over the enemies. Also, you can jump over the enemies.

In whole this project uses a lot of javascript and javascript libraries. If you can add some more levels then you can surely enhance your javascript skills with its libraries. This Game in Javascript with source code is free to download. Use for educational purpose only!


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