Top Image Recognition Apps to Watch in 2019

Image recognition, in the context of machine vision, is the ability of software to identify objects. Not only object but also places, people, writing and actions in images. Machine vision technologies combine device cameras and artificial intelligence algorithm to achieve accurate image recognition to guide autonomous robots and vehicles or perform other tasks. For example, searching image content. Ans also using machine vision technologies in combination with a camera and A.I software to achieve image recognition.

During the last few years, Image recognition has come in a long way. We have seen quite a few apps powered by image recognition technologies appear on the market. We are using this kind of apps in our daily life. Here are 5 apps you should watch in 2019.

1.Google Lens

Google Lens is an AI-powered technology. It uses your smartphone camera and deep machine learning to not only detect an object. But understand what it detects and offer actions based on what it sees.

This fantastic app allows capturing images with a smartphone camera and then performing an image-based search on the web. It works just like Google Images reverse search. It works by offering users links to pages, Wikipedia articles, and other relevant resources connected to the image.

2.Aipoly Vision

Category: Accessibility

Aipoly Vision is an object and color recognizer that helps the blind, visually impaired, and color-blind understand their surroundings. Simply point your phone at the object of interest and press any of the recognition buttons at the bottom of the screen to turn on the artificial intelligence. It is one of the most exciting areas in image recognition applications.

3. TapTapSee

Category: Accessibility

TapTapSee is a mobile camera application designed specifically to address the need for blind and visually impaired users.TapTapSee takes advantage of your device’s camera and VoiceOver functions to take a picture or video of anything you point your smartphone at and identify it out loud for you.

4. Cam Find

Category: Shopping

Cam Find, the world’s first successful mobile visual search engine, allows you to search for anything on your mobile device just by taking a picture. It is Powered by superb image-recognition technology. It will take what you see and serve up search results like no visual search engine that’s on the market today.

Take a picture of an object and the app will tell you what it is and generate practical results like images, videos, and local shopping offers. Once users find what they were looking for, they can save their findings to their profiles and share them with friends and family easily. To discover more products, users can follow others and build their social feed.

5. ScreenShop

Category: Shopping

It is an app that lets you use a screenshot or photo and find products that match the look in the photo. This is an app for fashion lovers who want to know where to get items they see on photos of bloggers, fashion models, and celebrities. The app basically identifies shoppable items in photos, focussing on clothes and accessories.

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