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Telephone Billing IN Java, NetBeans IDE, AND MYSQL | FREE DOWNLOAD

“Telephone Billing ” is develop as per seeing the increasing requirement to speed up the work and incorporate a new work culture. Thus a new software has been propose to reduce manual work. Improving work efficiency, saving time and providing greater flexibility and user-friendliness. The system previously follow was totally manual one with lots of errors. The higher than facts, figures and disadvantages clearly indicate that there’s would like for automation and so set to computerize.

The present system was all manual that has many complexities, shortcomings in itself. Every one the info was being held on in registers, files, etc. So to beat the limitation of the present system, the new computerize system was require. In order that info may be provide to the user additional quickly, simply and additional accurately.

The core objective is to implement the project was to reduce the work and efforts and at an identical time increase the flow of the work done.

  • Info retrieval can become straightforward.
  • Maintenance of info still as the overall project can become straightforward.
  • Security is deploye here.
  • Knowledge redundancy is greatly reduce as a result of this new system is made exploitation Java as front-end. It entails wanting into duplication or redundancy of efforts and efficiencies, bottlenecks and inefficient existing procedures.

The project thus calculates the telephone bills automatically. It does almost every work which is related to automatic telephone billing connection system via- new connection, customer record modification, viewing customer records  & all works related to the rate of bills, meter readings in addition to bill calculation and bill generation. Every project whether large or small has some limitations no matter however diligently developed. In some cases, limitations are small while in other cases they may be broad also.

Diagrams Needed for this Project are:

  • Data Flow
  • ER Diagram
  • Schema Diagram
  • Use Case Diagram

Download Project Report of  Telephone Billing  IN Java, NetBeans IDE, AND MYSQL | FREE DOWNLOAD

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