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Simple Sticky Notes In Python With Source Code

This is a simple sticky note project is written in Python. The project file contains a python script files. This is a simple GUI based application which is very easy to understand and use. It uses Tkinter module for the GUI. Talking about the application, the user can easily add their tasks.

About the project

The Simple sticky notes in Python is a project that helps you to create simple remember lists. As already mentioned above it functions as same as any kind of sticky applications you get in mobile phones. Here you can see the toolbar with various tools within it. Also, this editor allows you to write different to do things and stick it on your You can preview the text you edited with that little eye button. Also, you can save your notes and can view them. With the toolbar in the action, you can manage your text documents more effectively. This project is very simple and easy to use. The user can get to know how this project can be built with ease.

In order to run the project, you must have installed Python and on your PC. This is a simple note system application for beginners. Simple Sticky Notes in Python with source code is free to download. Use for education purpose only! For the project demo, have a look at the video below.

Got stuck or need help customizing sticky notes as per your need, just sign up to ask your questions in the forum or just comment down below and we will do our best to answer your question ASAP.


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  1. John Reply

    Hi, Download link is incorrect!

    • Fabian Ros Reply

      everything is correct, you have to pass through verification captcha in order to download the project

  2. john Reply

    The download link is really is redirecting to some php chatroom programe

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