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Simple Ludo Game In JavaScript With Source Code

Project: Simple Ludo Game In Javascript

-To download simple ludo game project for free(Scroll Down)

This game is a simple javascript project. This is a simple and entertaining game you could probably have in your bucket list. This game contains mainly javascript and some CSS for making it look beautiful. Here, by the name of the game you have figured it out what is this game about.


By the name of this game, you probably know how to play this game. Here, as usual, you have to roll the dice which is on the right of ou browser. If you get the number 6 rolling the dice you will get a chance to advance your token forward. Hey, guys, this game does not contain the rules that are applied for killing and saving the token. So you can validate that part.

To run this game you will need a browser installed on your system . Download and open this project in your code editor. Then there is an index.html file which you can modify. Run that file directly from the index file. Use Google Chrome or FireFox for better user experience. Also, this is a multi-player game, both of the players being humans.

This game consists of a lot of JavaScript validations. This game is fun to play and even fun if you can modify it with a little bit of CSS.

In whole this project uses a lot of javascript and javascript libraries. If you can validate this game for a proper ludo gaming experience. This Game in Javascript with source code is free to download. Use for educational purpose only!

Project Demo:


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  1. jack Reply

    you should make a youtube tutorial on how to make to game, so that people can learn about the game better.

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