Programming or Coding ?

In this technology era, people prefer personal ideology. The programmers and  coders which means same for normal people have become distinct. If you don’t want to be in a controversy it’s better to respect programmers and coders separately.


Programmers are intelligent with a good qualification record. They explore and think out of the box to conquer what’s out of their league. Software friendly society has stepped in concluding them to be moral. They can manipulate entries and run  programs as they want. They are of a professional level. They use algorithmic approach to solve a problem.


Basically, coders do the same but without a governed degree like programmers. However,  one concept out of thousands, some believe coder to be a machine that knows how to set instructions but do not know how to mark ideas whereas some believe coders to be people just a little lesser in knowledge than the programmers or software engineers. They are the beginners in programming. However, coders are not necessarily to be people coding about machines. There are coders who don’t play with computers and are still coders. Why? Someone who codes or make codes is a coder whether it be a Morse_code or code made between friends or any other code.

I don’t find much difference between coder, programmer, developer or  software engineer. The terms may be different but has the equivalent meaning. It’s like asking “Is a girl human or a boy?”. Though a girl and a boy has distinct characters, they both are still humans. In the same way be it a coder, programmer or a developer, they all use algorithms to write a program, to develop a software. So here’s the point they all write programs to execute it, doesn’t matter about the terms what they’re called. Every term is respected.




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