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Palindrome Check In C++ With Source Code

Project: Palindrome Check In C++ With Source Code

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The Palindrome Check is a single-player game. This project is an interesting project. Here, the user can test whether the entered word is palindrome or not. If we enter a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backwards as forwards, then it is determined as palindrome. This whole system is in the C++ language.

Making of the game

This Palindrome Check is simply designed in ‘C++’ language. Taking about the features of this system, the user can check whether the entered word or phrase is palindrome or not. You just have to type any word and press enter to check the answer. The project reverses the entered word and shows the result. If the reversed word and the actual word are same , then it is said to be palindrome. Also, this project is easy to operate and understood by the users.

How to run the project?

In order to run the project, you must have installed Dev C++ or Code Blocks on your PC. (we recommend these IDE). The Palindrome Check in C++ with source code is free to download, use for educational purposes only. For the project demo, you can have a look at the video below:

project demo


If stuck or need help customizing this project as per your need, just comment down below and we will do our best to answer your question ASAP.

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