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Online Hotel Management System With Source Code and Project Report

As the name recommends, the Online Hotel Management System permits the clients globally to reserve the rooms in the hotel at any time. It will provide a unique search and book functionally for the customers anywhere in the world. This project can be used by the clients and the travel agencies who will help them to reserve the hotel of their choice. Sometimes people face problem in reserving the hotels in the places where they want to visit. In that situation, this project can be of great relief to them. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand even by the common man.

The admin has the right to update or add the hotel or the room information. The clients can cancel the already booked room in the particular hotel on a particular day. This will be one of the exciting projects that one can implement in real time world. The highlights that can be added to the online hotel management system are given below:

  • Access anywhere: The online hotel reservation project can be reached at any time and anywhere from the world with great efficiency.
  • Easy booking: The rooms in the particular hotel can be reserved easily through this site with great expertise.
  • Hotel description: This project will contain the hotel information of the hotels that are present in the particular area.
  • Room availability: The rooms that are open in the particular hotel must be refreshed in real time.
  • Category: The hotels can be classified based on the appropriate region of your preference.
  • Price: The price or rent of the appropriate rooms in the appropriate hotel in the chosen section will also be updated.
  • Payment options: The clients will be having the option of paying the rent of the hotels through the online mode without any difficulty.

 Download Source code:

Download Project Report:

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abhishek k
abhishek k
5 years ago

the code has error can use specify the instructions to run the project proper

5 years ago

well this is not working even after followed your step guidance

4 years ago

Guide me to run this project

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