Library Management System – PROJECT REPORT

As the name proposes, the library management system project is identified with the storage of data in regards to the library. The library is the place with the gigantic collection of books. It is put from where the students and others issue the books for their reference purposes. In any case, the upkeep of keeping the records of issuing and acquiring is troublesome on the off chance that you utilize an ordinary book as a registry. To make this undertaking less demanding, the library management system will be exceptionally helpful. It helps in keeping up the data with respect to the issuing and getting of books by the students and others. The library management system contextual case study gives the case analysis of the library management student.

Through this report, Student can able to identify the exact place of the book either that is in a row or in a column. This project has following features.

  • Book id: Unique Book Id which can be tracked easily.
  • Borrower: Students who borrow the book from the library.
  • Issuer: Person usually librarian who issued to book to the student from the library.
  • Date of issuing: Date of an issued book from the library.
  • Date of return: Date of a return book to the library.
  • Fine.: Student paid due to late return of the particular book to the librarian.

Download Library Management System Report


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