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Mario Game In UNITY ENGINE With Source Code

Project: Mario Game in Unity Engine with source code

– To download Mario Game project for free (scroll down)

About Project

Mario Game project is developed using Unity Game Engine. The language used for the development of this project is “C#”. The project file contains Assets such as C# scripts, prefabs, animation, audios, images and many more. Mario is a 2D platform game specially designed for PCs. The gameplay Graphics is good enough and the controls are pretty simple for the users.

About Gameplay

Talking about the gameplay, Mario is one of the most played game. This project is exact a cloned version of the original Mario. Just like the original one, where the player has to keep on moving, jump on turtle-like enemies. The player gets extra points if he/she hits other enemies. The levels in Mario has loads of blocks which can be destroyed by jumping. The enemies get destroyed after stepping onto it. There are only goombas enemies and it contains no shortcuts from the blocks or pipes. This cloned version does not contain envolving red mushrooms and firing bullets, the Mario is evolved into big from the beginning of the gameplay. It also contains long jumps like the original. At the end of the game, Mario has to take a long jump onto a long flag which will end the game.

The is an accurate clone version of Mario Game, all the way down to the screen transitions, particle effects and the resolutions. Gaming controls are not difficult everything is under the keys: W, A, S, D, and Spacebar. Talking about the gaming environment, different sprite images, music, prefabs and animations are placed which provides an exact image of the Mario Game. In this 2D gaming application, Graphics Elements and Audio Fragments of works were used.

In order to run the project, you must have installed Unity3d on your PC. Mario Game in Unity Engine project with source code is free to download. Use for education purpose only! For the project demo, have a look at the image slider below.

Gameplay Demo


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  1. مخم Reply

    hi, I downloaded the source code and even imported it but there is so much delay in everything especially with the jump button

    Hope you get it fixed

  2. isaiah Reply

    I noticed that your jump mechanics do not always work. any reason as to why?

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