Jewellery Store In Django WIth Source Code

Project: Jewellery Store in Django with source code

Please scroll down and click on the download button to download the Jewellery Store project for free.

Jewellery Store is a simple e-commerce website built with Django (Python) and PayPal is added as payment processor. It provides user-friendly interface where user can view all the products which he/she wants to buy.

About the system

Here, Jewellery Store implements Role-based access control i.e. the system is categorized into admin, registered and non-registered users. Each of the users have their own permission. Admin can perform CRUD operations on category, products, users and orders. Similarly, non-registered users can only view products. Whereas, registered users can see order history, add to cart, pay, update profile and change password.


  1. Python
  2. Django
  3. pip

How to run the system?

Firstly, unzip the file. Then, create a virtual environment using the command “python -m venv <virtual_env_name>. In the third step, install requirements from requirements.txt using the command “pip install -r requirements.txt”. Finally, run the system using the command “python runserver” to get the desired output.

If stuck or need help customizing this project as per your need, just comment down below and we will do our best to answer your question ASAP.

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Kabir vora
2 years ago

What are the admin credentials?
Do this site has admin panel.

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