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 As the Internet takes an increasingly central role in our communications infrastructure. The slow convergence of routing protocols after a network failure becomes a growing problem. To assure fast recovery from link and node failures in IP networks. We present a new recovery scheme called Multiple Routing Configurations (MRC). Our proposed scheme guarantees recovery in all single failure scenarios. Using a single mechanism to handle both link and node failures, and without knowing the root cause of the failure. MRC is strictly connectionless and assumes only destination based hop-by-hop forwarding.

MRC is based on keeping additional routing information in the routers. Allows packet forwarding to continue on an alternative output link immediately after the detection of a failure. It can be implement with only minor changes to existing solutions. In this paper, we present MRC and analyze its performance with respect to scalability. Backup path lengths, and load distribution after a failure.

We have presented Multiple Routing Configurations as an approach to achieve fast recovery in IP networks. MRC is based on providing the routers with additional routing configurations. Allowing them to forward packets along routes that avoid a failed component. MRC guarantees recovery from any single node or link failure in an arbitrary bi-connected network. The performance of the algorithm and the forwarding mechanism has been evaluated using simulations.

Diagrams Needed for this Project are:

  • Data Flow
  • ER Diagram
  • Schema Diagram
  • Use Case Diagram

Download Project Report of Ip Fast Reroute Framework IN Java, NetBeans IDE, AND MYSQL | FREE DOWNLOAD

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