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I started my internship program at eSewa under the Social Media and Search Engine department. My manager Mr. .. gave me a choice to choose the field in which I was interested. As my interest and curiosity were in digital marketing, I choose to work. eSewa is 11 years old e-commerce company, the industry which has affected radical changes in the market. I chose digital marketing because it is a blooming method, the growth of digital marketing is tremendous and expect to grow more. Every individual is affecte by the advances of digital marketing, especially the e-commerce sector. Firstly, Digital marketing is one of the popular and effective marketing methods in this techno-savvy world in terms of cost and customer engagement. Due to this fall internship, I have learned many aspects of digital marketing including business development process, content writing, and social media management.

The eSewa, I was place at the Digital Marketing department of the organization as a Digital Marketing intern. The intern period of two months one week was incredibly helpful to understand the working structure in the real-time working environment.

Objective of Intern

The objectives of doing an internship are:

  1. Career Exploration
  2. Increase self-confidence in the workplace and expanded network of professionals.
  3. Have personal growth experiences and exposure to different job opportunities.
  4. Have hands-on opportunities to work with technology that may not be available on colleges.
  5. Gain exposure to real-world problems and issues.


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