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Digital Marketing popular forms of social media include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google + and blogs. The preparation of this internship report needed certain information, qualitative and quantitative data. Therefore, a systematic approach and research methodology were follow to collect the need information which includes primary and secondary sources such as observation of day to day work, publish sources, organization homepage, etc. An internship report is design with a motive to provide a clear picture of the operations performed in the organization. Various approaches used for this purpose are organization selecte by the intern, placement of intern, duration of 8 weeks of internship and various activities performed in the organization.

Objectives of the internship

The main objective of the internship is to experience the organizational culture and has the real working experience and to acquaint the IT student with the reality of the organizational functioning and to undertake in depended analysis and the appraisal of the situation. Internship helps final year students preparing to enter the workforce have a taste of the real working experience. The main objectives of the present internship report are:

  • To understand the effort behind the fulfillment of brand objectives through campaigns.
  • Make the website rich in graphics to enhance its target audience.
  • To reach target customers for different brands.
  • To increase Online Brand Visibility.
  • Page and Content Creation/Optimization
  • Build Brand Reputation.
  • To maintain a relationship with clients.
  • To analyze the practical implication of the theoretical insights gained during the BIM program and understand how theoretical knowledge differs from a practical life work environment

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Rajneesh Gangwar
Rajneesh Gangwar
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