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Flappy Bird In JavaScript With Source Code

Project: Flappy Bird In JavaScript With Source Code

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Flappy Bird is a small project developed using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. This game is an interesting and addictive game. Flappy Bird is a side-scrolling mobile game featuring 2D retro-style graphics. The objective is to direct a flying bird, named “Faby”, who moves continuously to the right, between sets of Mario-like pipes. If the player touches the pipes, they lose.

Making of the Project

Taking about the features of this game, Faby briefly flaps upward each time that the player taps the screen; if the screen is not tapped, Faby falls because of gravity; each pair of pipes that he navigates between earns the player a single point, with medals awarded for the score at the end of the game. There is no medal to those who score less than ten. Also, you can get a bronze medal if your score is between ten and twenty. In order to receive the silver medal, the player must reach 20 points. The player receives the gold medal who scores higher than thirty points. Moreover, players who achieve a score of forty or higher receive a platinum medal.

There is no variation or evolution in gameplay throughout the game, as the pipes always have the same gap between them and there is no end to the running track, having only the flap and ding sounds and the rising score as rewards. This is a beginner’s guide on how to create a flappy bird game using JavaScript and HTML.

How To Run the Project?

To run this game, you don’t need to have any kind of local server but yet a browser. We recommend you to use modern browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for better and optimized gameplay. To play the game, first, open the game in your browser by clicking the index.html file. The Flappy Bird In JavaScript with source code is free to download, use for educational purposes only. For the project demo, you can have a look at the video below:

project demo


If stuck or need help customizing this game as per your need, go to our JavaScript tutorial or just comment down below and we will do our best to answer your question ASAP.

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Andrei-Răducu Linte
2 years ago

Hello, I want to use this source-code for the base of a bigger flappy duck game(to start from it and build..)
I want to make new graphics, replace the sounds and create levels for it

Then I want to publish it on the market, so I want to use it for commercial purposes

Can I do that?

If anything, do you accept to sell this source code?

Please, I await a response, it’s great for me because you made it using html5, css and js