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Eyescream: Natural image generation using ConvNets

The Eyescream Project

Generating Natural Images using Neural Networks.

For our research summary on this work, please read the Arxiv paper:

For a high-level blog post with a live demo, please go to this website:

This repository contains the code to train neural networks and reproduce our results from scratch.


Eyescream requires or works with

  • Mac OS X or Linux
  • NVIDIA GPU with compute capability of 3.5 or above.

Installing Dependencies

  • Install Torch
  • Install the nngraph and tds packages:
luarocks install tds
luarocks install nngraph

Training your neural networks

  • If you want to train the CIFAR-10 image generators, read the README in the cifar/ folder
  • If you want to train the LSUN/Imagenet image generators, read the README in the lsun/ folder

Discuss the paper/code at


See the CONTRIBUTING file for how to help out.


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