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Document Management System In PHP With Source Code

Project: Document Management System In PHP with source code

– To download Document management system project for free (scroll down)

About Project

Document Management System project is developed using PHP, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Talking about the project, it has all the essential features required for the management of various documents. This project contains only the admin’s side where he/she can add, edit, delete, view, search documents and manage users for the system. The Admin plays the main role in the management of the system. In this project, all the main functions are performed from the Admin side.

About System

Admin has full control of the system, all the main functions are to be performed from Admin panel. Here, the user can view documents and add them easily. Document’s information such as contract number, section, subject, document file, description, reference number, company, employee, and date are included in this section. In order to view a document, he/she has to select a category on the basis of contract, date, description, ref. no, and enter a contract number. There the user can also edit or delete the documents. All the details of the documents can be edited easily. Users are free to upload any kinds of document files in the system, whether its PDF, Text File, Docx File or Image. The search result display documents which include the document’s contract number, reference number, file type, section, company, employee, and date.

Here in the file type, it displays an icon depending upon what kind of file does the user upload. Like, if the user uploads a document file it displays a document icon and if its a PDF then, it shows PDF icon and many more. All the label can also be edited easily from the Label Translation section. Another last feature of this project is about User management. Document Management System in PHP helps in easy management of the documents for an individual or a company. Design of this project is simple and clean so that user won’t find it difficult to understand, use and navigate.

To run this project you must have installed virtual server i.e XAMPP on your pc (for Windows). Document Management System in PHP with source code is free to download, Use for educational purposes only! For the project demo, have a look at the image slider below.

  1. Login System
  2. Add Documents
  3. List Documents
  4. Edit and Delete Documents
  5. Update Labels
  6. User Management
How To Run??

After Starting Apache and MySQL in XAMPP, follow the following steps

1st Step: Extract file
2nd Step: Copy the main project folder
3rd Step: Paste in xampp/htdocs/

Now Connecting Database

4th Step: Open a browser and go to URL “http://localhost/phpmyadmin/”
5th Step: Then, click on databases tab
6th Step: Create database naming “mydb9eng” and then click on import tab
7th Step: Click on browse file and select “mydb9eng.sql” file which is inside “DATABASE” folder
8th Step: Click on go.

After Creating Database,

9th Step: Open a browser and go to URL “http://localhost/documentmanagement/”
Insert the username and password which is provided inside the “Readme.txt” file.



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  1. shreesh Reply

    url not found

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    Hi, thank you for this application. I’m getting a Forbidden error: You don’t have permission to access /documentmanagement/ on this server. Any ideas? Thanks

  3. Rav Sah Reply

    i got mysqli error in many lines in php7. can you upload upgrade source code which will compatible with php7 or upper version.


  4. Joe Reply

    i am getting username and password donot match error response and yet i am using exact matching details from database

    • Fabian Ros Reply

      you should create a database with proper name as mentioned in the config file

  5. dereje Reply

    tank you very mach if you can please attach the source code of all forms

  6. sandun Reply

    keep getting “Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in C:\xampp\htdocs\documentmanagement\config.php:3 Stack trace: #0 C:\xampp\htdocs\documentmanagement\index.php(4): require_once() #1 {main} thrown in C:\xampp\htdocs\documentmanagement\config.php on line 3”

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    i have a problem

  8. cash Reply

    it’s not working on php7…

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