8 Top Node.js Hosting Services – Where to Host Your Node.js App

Node.js is a platform build on Chromes javascript runtime for easily building fast and scalable network applications. It uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect. For data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices. It is not a language, but a runtime environment that uses JavaScript for the server-side application development.

Node.js can provide the fast server-side solution. Using JavaScript built-in asynchronous processing, one can create highly scalable server-side solutions. That maximize the usage of a single CPU and computer memory while servicing more concurrent requests than conventional multithreaded servers. This functionality makes Node.js a great fit for asynchronous. It comes with a few hard dependencies, rules, and guidelines. Due to this, it leaves the room for freedom and creativity in developing your desired applications. Being an unopinionated framework, Node.js does not impose strict conventions. Allowing developers to select the best architecture, design patterns, modules and features for your next project.

Today in this blog I have put together a list of the top 5 Node.js hosting services. Some are free some are not free and some are mix. I believe this list will help you make the right choice. Below, you’ll find a brief description of each service.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services allows you to deploy a high-availability Node.js web application using the AWS Elastic Beanstalk service. This is a container system. That makes it extremely easy to push packaged applications to AWS as Platform as a Service (PaaS). You have full control over the server on this your Node.js application is run. And indeed you can also run multiple applications on the server without incurring any additional costs.


Joyent is an official corporate sponsor of Node.js. It offers both IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) as well as PaaS. It is suitable for large enterprises , Joyent assists developers in the designing, deploying and debugging of Node.js applications.


Engine Yard is a great hosting service for Node.js applications. The support system is what sets this Platform as a Service company apart. It has great documentation. Which include FAQs, breakthroughs and tutorials. You can also gain access to email support, and even dedicated service teams when you choose the manage tier.

RedHat OpenShift

A firm favorite among-st first-time developers, RedHat Openshift. It offers Node.js hosting absolutely free forever.So, that’s no free-trial period, just free. The Platform as a Service option enables no-fuss cloud hosting, allowing you to focus entirely on improving your applications.


AppFog has an awful lot going for super-intuitive user interface, powerful command line and REST API for robust deployment. The PaaS offer allow you to host your Node.js applications in the cloud easily. With relatively quick deployment and automatic availability. It offers round-the-clock professional live-chat support for all users, and has a simple command line utility. And also Free tier for 2GB of memory and 100MB of storage.

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