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Stick Hero Game In JavaScript With Source Code

Project: Stick Hero Game in JavaScript with source code

About Project

Stick Hero Game project is developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Talking about the gameplay, it is a cloned version of an android game “Stick Hero“. It is a simple arcade game which is played with a tap. The user has to use a mouse in order to play the game.

Here, the player has to tap the screen to pull down the black stick pole across to another field. Just be careful that the longer he/she holds it, the stick pole further extends and if the stick pole doesn’t make it to the other field, or if it goes a bit far then the player will fall down which results in the game over displaying the total score. While tapping, there are red dots on the middle of each field and if the stick pole touches it while laying down, then the player scores extra one score. Talking about the Game environment, the graphics are neatly simple. All the gaming function is set from Javascript whereas HTML and CSS are set for the layouts and other minor functions.

To run this project, we recommend you to use Modern browsers such as Google ChromeMozilla Firefox. This game also supports on Explorer/Microsoft Edge. Stick Hero Game in JavaScript project is free to download with source code, use for educational purposes only. For the project demo, have a look at the video below.

Project Demo


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