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Knowledge Evaluation Project Report IN Java, NetBeans IDE, AND MYSQL | FREE DOWNLOAD

Knowledge is a familiarity with someone or something, which can include facts, information, descriptions, or skills acquired through experience or education. It can refer to the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. It can be implicit or explicit and it can be more or less formal or systematic. Knowledge Evaluation evaluates the knowledge of human beings in any field.

Knowledge acquisition involves complex cognitive processes: perception, communication, association, and reasoning; while knowledge is also said to be related to the capacity of acknowledgment in human beings.

A feasibility study is the most important step in the software development process. In this step system analyst analyses different aspects like cost required for developing the system & the technical aspect of the System as well as the durability of the system. There are three different types of studies which are conducted by the analyst.

JAVA is an object-oriented programming language and it makes this application operationally feasible. This application requires Microsoft Windows XP on the client-side which is a user-friendly and efficient OS to handle this project.

This Application is User-friendly and easy to use, the reason is very simple and still efficient components are implement. Once the user is identify as an authorized user, the main screen of the application is display.

Users can select one of the options and the appropriate screen will be display. The components or elements present in the screen are simple to understand and self-explanatory. The Save option is available to make registration Registered to Database for future reference.  The Print is available to help the user with hard copies of particular data items or reports.

Diagrams Needed for this Project are:

  • Data Flow
  • ER Diagram
  • Schema Diagram
  • Use Case Diagram

Download Project Report of Knowledge Evaluation IN Java, NetBeans IDE, AND MYSQL | FREE DOWNLOAD

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