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Hello Mobile Project In JS : Free Download

Hello Mobile project is the complete website of a mobile specification where you can find lots of news of new gadgets, buy mobile phones and gadgets, search items, repairing services and so on. The user interface is attractive with normal screen design so that users can easily search there stuffs. The users are so satisfied with this website because they can easily check the new gadgets in the market and can order easily.

Hello Mobile is made by using CSS, JavaScript and HTML codes. Mainly the JavaScript is used for the validation of the form elements, the CSS is not used more for the graphical interface but uses mainly for the text and division elements. Some of the code of HTML5 is also used for the validation purpose. The combination of JavaScript, CSS and HTML codes make the web pages more attractive so that the customers can easily find out there stuffs. The link given in the website is very useful and easier to use. The links and the content of the website are focused on all the users. Following are the things that I have implemented.

  • A customer can easily open the website and can order their gadgets in their home within the certain time, which saves the time of the customers.

  • The user interface is designed properly for the betterment of the website.

  • The form part of this website has been properly validated so that the customers can input their correct identity.

  • The customer’s identity and their orders are now kept in the website Database, which is a very useful than the documented files.

  • The customers can connect with the social media like as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Viber and so on, that’s why they can get there new updates and notifications.

  • The customer can easily find the store by viewing the contact page information.

  • Helpful links are connected to this website so that the customer can understand and can find their solutions.



    Output Design:


The news on the first home page gives the customer latest information about technology and gadgets specifications.


Project demo:

Download Source Code- Hello Mobile Project

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