Flight Reservation System In Java

Project: Flight Reservation System In Java

Welcome to Online Flight Reservation System. This is a simple ticket booking system developed in java. It’s gui is simple and attractive.

The web based “airline reservation system” project is an attempt to stimulate the basic concepts of airline reservation system. The system enables the customer to do the things such as search for airline flights for two travel cities on a specified date, choose a flight based on the details, reservation of flight and cancellation of reservation.

The system allows the airline passenger to search for flights that are available between the two travel cities, namely the “Departure city” and “Arrival city” for a particular departure and arrival dates. The system displays all the flight’s details such as flight no, name, price and duration of journey etc.

After search the system display list of available flights and allows customer to choose a particular flight. Then the system checks for the availability of seats on the flight. If the seats are available then the system allows the passenger to book a seat. Otherwise it asks the user to choose another flight.

To book a flight the system asks the customer to enter his details such as name, address, city, state, credit card number and contact number. Then it checks the validity of card and book the flight and update the airline database and user database. The system also allows the customer to cancel his/her reservation, if any problem occurs.

To Download This Click here…….

Author: Carmelo Garcia
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5 years ago

I can’t open Taht link

Naseeb Bajracharya
5 years ago
Reply to  Naveen

which link?

5 years ago

i extracted the file now how do i open it inside an ide so it will run properly?

5 years ago

which database software have you used here ?

5 years ago

how to log in!!!

Sulekha Travel Agency
5 years ago

Wow looks good this type of booking system. I need to know how to implement and configure the mail system to automatically receive the new booking enquiry notification.

Sundram Sharma
3 years ago

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2 years ago

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