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Canyon Runner Game In JavaScript With Source Code

Project: Canyon Runner Game In JavaScript

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Canyon Runner Game is an HTML5 and JavaScript project. The game looks amazing and fun to play. Phaser framework is used here in this game. This shooting game is what you need to have on your bucket list if you want to code a simple game. This game includes a lot of javascript for making validations to the certain parts of the game.


To run this game you don’t need to have any kind of local server but yet a browser. You can use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for better and optimized gameplay. To play the game first, open the game in your browser by clicking the index.html file. Once it is opened, now a screen will appear with start menu options. The controls for the game are the arrow keys and spacebar to shoot the obstacles. The game has one main space enemy and a health powerup. The has an astonishing parallax effect, retro sounds etc.

The shooting is automatic for this game. When you start the game the shooter starts to shoot the rockets. Remember this a two-level or say two chapter game. The first level deals with the obstacles and barriers. You need to cross those barriers by not letting them touch you. Even if they touch you, you can restore your health by eating the health powerup. You can go faster and also can manage your spaceship speed.

When you clear the first level, then you will face the main enemy in the second chapter. He will keep firing rocket missiles towards you. You have to dodge them and have to protect yourself. You can kill the enemy by attacking them with rocket missiles. If you can kill the enemy you win the game.

This game is fun to play and even more, fun to recreate it. So hope you can add some extra levels to this game.

To check our project you can view the image slider below. We recommend you to use Google Chrome for better game performance.


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