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Bug-Tracking Project Report IN Java, NetBeans IDE, AND MYSQL | FREE DOWNLOAD

A bug-tracking mechanism is employe only is some of the large software development houses. Most of the others never bothered with bug tracking at all, and instead simply relied on shared lists and email to monitor the status of defects. This procedure is error-prone and tends to cause those bugs judge least significant by developers to be drop or ignored.

 This system is an ideal solution to track the bugs of a product, solution or application. Eventually, allows individual or groups of developers to keep track of outstanding bugs in their product effectively.

This can dramatically increase the productivity and accountability of individual employees by providing a documented workflow and positive feedback for good performance. The main objective of this system is to develop flawless systems, which is access real-time information from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  Another aim is that manage hundreds of projects in multiple locations or just a few. Another main objective of this system is to track all the defects or bugs in the project and make the project user-friendly and bugs free system.

However, this system maintains the products, Bugs and bug Tracking. It has the advantage of maintaining bug history it stores all the details from bug origin to bug resolution. Each product can have versions for easy maintenance of the product and all the user of the product is store in the database. It provides the advantage of maintaining users to the bugs and resolutions provided by them. Our System provides the searching based on status, priority, and operating system.

Diagrams Needed for this Project are:

  • Data Flow
  • ER Diagram
  • Schema Diagram
  • Use Case Diagram

Download Project Report of Bug-Tracking IN Java, NetBeans IDE, AND MYSQL | FREE DOWNLOAD

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