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Blood Donor Recruitment” is the process of drawing blood from a voluntary Blood Donor. Accessing databases using a web browser as if accessing a normal database application system can be a very significant advantage. Today’s database systems can be very efficient in processing large amounts of data by using different types of sources. Any information that can be define by a relation can be fed into a database system. However, making information available on the Web requires access. The database via a special database algebra called SQL and by converting it to a markup language such as HTML or XML.

An additional requirement of the system is for it to be able to integrate into the Endnote software. The drawback of using this software tool is that it can only be run on a single computer. Therefore, users who are not using the computer Endnote are installing on cannot access its database. Therefore, it is essential to provide a “bridge” between the Web-based DBM. Endnote Software tool database system in order for bibliographical data to be transferre (import/export) between the above systems when desire. This integration will not only facilitate the need for continuity. It will certainly also provide a great degree of standardization to the system and its users. 

The main objective of the study was to create an electronic blood donor management information system. Most of the popular existing blood information systems in the western world today are mainly online systems.  The systems interfaces do not meet fully the blood safe policy described in this study and as such not suitable for illiterate populations.  Most blood donors in Uganda are rural-base where online systems may not be the best.

Diagrams and Table Needed for this Project are:

  • Data Flow
  • ER Diagram
  • Schema Diagram
  • Use Case Diagram
  • Gantt Chart
  • Test Case

Download Project Report of Blood Donor Recruitment IN PHP, CSS, JS, AND MYSQL

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