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Art Gallery Project” is the project works for many artists. It will give a specified space on the online web page. Firstly, The artists are charge for the space allotte to them on daily basis. The charges vary in different months. Jan to April and August to December the charges are Rs 200 per day per exhibit, from May to July charges are Rs 300 per day per exhibit. This project is written in PHP and MYSQL.

Each exhibit has a name and style of painting. In this online art gallery project the exhibits can buy the art by online customers who need to register by singing up then they cam login through the login page. After, receiving the full payment, the painting is sent to the customer. Until the receiver click the process check out which is find in the cart us page the status will be shown. Therefore, The gallery store the information about the visitors of the art gallery.

The user can see the front end where the home page, about page, arts with their category. Admin has the ability to link with social media. Similarly, They can manage the accounts,can make the contact forms,can register the admins etc. Admin details localhost/Art-Gallary-php-master/admin/ username- [email protected] password- 12345

The technologies used in this project are:

  • HTML: Page layout and design
  • CSS: Design
  • JS: Fontend
  • PHP: Backend
  • Bootstrap
  • Java Script

Supported Operating Systems:

You can run this project in the following operating systems:

  • Windows:
  • MAC:
  • Linux:

Project Demo

Download Source Code of Art Gallery project IN PHP, CSS, JS, AND MYSQL

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