5 Best Android Dialer Apps 2019

The smartphones we are using these days are more than just Phones. They are the one-stop hub for everything.  If you have used a device running Stock Android, you know that it comes with one of the best Android dialer apps ever made. I mean, there aren’t any fancy features or anything, but everything works smooth. However, not many Android device manufacturers are skilled-enough to keep such a UI intact. But, here, we have created a list of the 5 best dialer apps for Android smartphone users.

1. OS 9 Dialer:

OS 9 Dialer is a good-looking app which has customization options. It supports support Dual SIM. This dialer offers space for lots of customization by offering various settings to manage contacts and organize them efficiently. You can choose from various themes while the default dark theme looks beautiful by default.


  • Theme manager with unlimited Colors options.
  • Contact manager, optimizer, Editor and merge options.

2. ExDialer

ExDialer is one best dialer app for Android for sure. It brings back the utter simplicity of stock Android dialer while including some extra features. If your OEM-based dialer is pretty mixed up and hard to manage, you can give ExDialer a try. You can see the call log with enough details like number, time and duration, and the dial-pad can be minimized as well.


  • Simple and Smooth Interface.
  • In-built gestures for one-touch calling and messaging

3. Simpler Dialer

Simpler Dialer offers you simple dialer exactly as a name. It’s a simple Android dialer app with very useful features. It contains almost every feature that user might find in a typical dialer app. If you need a productive dialer app with most features, you can go for Simpler Dialer.


  • Call blocking and Group Texting.
  • Impressive contact management, merging, syncing and duplicate finding.

4. Exdialer

Exdialer dialer app comes with a minimal interface and no show-offs. It has features options that are must have and most needed. The look of this app looks like the early traditional Android dialer having the ability to manage call logs and contacts. It has Android material inspired User interface and is very fast in terms of performance.


  • Built-in gestures and shortcuts for quick navigation and access.
  • Supports more than 30 languages

5. Contacts+

Contacts+ is an alternative to the OEM-based dialer you already have. This is the elegant and beautiful Android dialer app with an impressive blur User interface. It has the potential to replace the default OEM dialler app on your phone as it has all the basic tools like merging, searching and backup. Apart from these basic features, it comes with encryption tools to protect your contacts from outsiders. It also works as a platform where you will be able to connect with your friends and other people.


  • Elegant blur User interface.
  • Powerful call blocking and Spam filter engines.

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